Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s)

The Internet Business Council for Africa (IBCA) established in 2012 will be a member-sponsored organization with representatives from both the public and the private sectors. As proponents of the concept of public-private partnerships (PPP’s). The Council will conduct, document and propel  research on different tech-business scenarios, publish  findings, facilitate and  sponsor forums for discussion as well as an Annual Conference on topics related to PPP’s, for both domestic and international. Each year the Council will celebrate successful public-private partnerships through a Pan-African Awards program  to be conducted  concurrently with the annual conference at the end of each year.


The Internet Business Council for Africa (IBCA) vision is to influence the way in which public services are financed and delivered in Africa through:

  • Encouraging public-private partnerships
  • Providing information on public-private partnerships
  • Sponsoring conferences and seminars on partnerships
  • Stimulating dialogue between public and private sector decision-makers on the financing , Internet and delivery of public services
  • Educating the African public
  • Conducting objective and conclusive  research on key issues that influence the effective use of partnerships to advance the African Tech-Business level.


  • Promotion and facilitation of public-private partnerships across Africa
  • Engage the African policy makers ans regulators in a round table dialogue regularly
  • Synergy with African Businesses and consumer bodies in constant revolving enterprise fora.
  • Calling on the civil society stakeholders for formal inputs in conjunction with commercial enterprises
  • Compilation of a resource library and repository portal on PPP issues and projects
  • An annual conference and regional events on a wide variety of PPP topics
  • Informative newsletters (Quarterly) on Council activities, news and issues discussed at the national conference
  • Workshops and seminars that allow participants to share innovative ideas and solutions through a national network
  • IBCA-sponsored publications, including research papers, case studies, guidelines, videos opinion surveys and national inventories on key public-private partnership subjects