Our Work

Our strategy is pegged on a flat rather than a hierarchical framework. The IBCA’s mandate is mostly a platform where all activities are brought into a focal point where critical networking is enhanced.

We have designed a concensus protocol where all stakeholders are equal partners in the day to day running on the African caucus. Our team of distinguished board of advisers are drawn from a wide multi-sectoral and multi-lingual background in continental Africa.

The IBCA is focused on the following:

Digital Transfer Initiatives : Africa is fast becoming a digital destination with many bluechip firms hastening to set-up head quarters in several African nations. As such we are focused first and foremost in creating synergy between business and technology. This will as well affect all other sectors especially the Academic and Commercial sector.

DNS industry: In-line with this, the IBCA has identified the pioneering bodies to work with and this will involve the country code registries and managers as well as where we shall formulate a platform for introducing DNS related plans.

Policy Blue Prints: The IBCA has within it rigors a framework to bring together all stakeholders of the African developement landscape that involve both large scale, mid and low-level enterprise owners, Consumer Rights watch dogs, Civil society associations and the policy technocrats.

This means pooling all these diverse resource groups and levels to form a multifaceted, multi-pronged  platform where ideas and resources can be harnessed to develop and grow Africa.

Youth and Women: Africa remains with a huge deficit for an equal gender sensitive framework where every individual is able to thrive. The IBCA in cognition to this has designed ways to involve the energetic youth who are the reason why Africa is fast becoming a digital aware continent as well as the women who if given empowerment business as well as the technology driven sectors such as the DNS and internet will be able too grow the continent better.