Member Benefits

  • Promotion: initiative was proposed as a component of the ICANN Africa Strategy. The principal objective of the IBCA is to promote the involvement and participation of the African private/non-governmental sector (and the global private sector involved in Africa) in the ICANN global Internet Community, and also provide an avenue as a  policy voice for the technology industry for them to participate in global Internet Governance
  • Access: Through membership the IBCA will provide exclusive access and privileges to members who will serve as local and global business partners: Businesses include entrepreneurs working on the DNS business, ICT Venture Capitalists, Startups and other companies. There will be exchanges of ideas and efficiencies gained through the development of partnership.
  • Solving Problems: The IBCA is formed by a diverse pool of skills and knowledge, our membership consults on a high intellectual and global technical capacity. We have aimed at Universal Acceptance of all willing participants. We continue to evolve our working plan to maintain a high relevance level.
  • Policy Advice: Our members will be benefit from regular policy research updates and also participate in our forums that are formulated and planned on the foundations of public private policy development procedures