The IBCA Opportunity

IBCA advocates and promote public policies that foster open markets, open systems and open networks that encourages full, fair and flat pitched competition globally within the  in ICT Fraternity. This directly affects how all other facets of our economies perform, Information technology remains to be the platform where everything else thrives.

Our membership is by request and ranges from globally acclaimed internet business entities to smaller companies and startups that have started to make an impact in their areas of operation.  We will seek to build a lasting membership that grows.

Our members certainly see the value IBCA for all positive reasons including:

  • Epicenter of Techno- Entrepreneurship We seek to harness the power of networks and Information technology as a backend to all business, this way every activity goes through a well versed formula.
  • Bench marking and incubation.  Many businesses from our research have failed to grow exponentially due to absence of serious bench-marking and motivation rather than from lack of resource. The IBCA seeks to be the consulting means that will create linkages across the successful blue chip organizations in the fortune 500 league to the upcoming startups that have risen out of an innovative mind.
  • Research and Information We shall endeavor to publish regular reports both from partners and internally to enable our membership understand the current dynamics.

 Our Public Policy Priorities      

A few of the major issues we are addressing presently include:

  • Domain Business in relation to all other business types.
  • Open Internet, both domestically and internationally; Ensuring non- discriminatory internet access to all.
  • Capacity Building within the developing economies.
  • Structured Entrepreneurship mechanisms that cut across all business types regardless of size or age.

The members will be introduced formally soon