Advisory Board

The IBCA Advisory board  was formed to provide the Council and agencies corporate advice and recommendations on bringing insight from the private and non-profit sectors to  governments management and operations. The board addresses include branding, technology transfer, human capital, innovative technology, business, agriculture, green energy  and transparent governance.

The IBCA Advisory board  has been established as a recurrent committee, subject to the provisions of the IBCA Advisory Committee Act which is under formation. The members are be appointed by the appointing subcommittee from among distinguished citizens outside the government roles  who have a proven record in leading large, complex and innovative organizations in the private or non-profit sectors.  They are required to have have top-level business experience in executive management and an abundance of functional expertise, which they use to envision a more capable and efficient Council that delivers high-caliber service to the continent and partners.

The board  meets periodically to analyze key performance issues facing the council, drawing on leading practices from various sectors to promote innovative management solutions.  The board therefore provides recommendations and strategic direction directly to the sitting executive committee and for their input and review.