About Us

The Internet Business Council for Africa (IBCA) initiative was proposed as a component of the Global Internet Community African Strategy. The principal objective of the IBCA is to promote the involvement and participation of the African private/non-governmental sector (and the global private sector involved in Africa) in the Global Internet Community, and also provide an avenue as a  policy voice for the technology industry for them to participate in global Internet Governance.

The IBCA is being implemented as a component of the broader Global Internet Community African Strategy. It is anticipated that during the plan implementation period, the issues that are of priority concern to Africa will be mainstreamed in due course.

Participation in IBCA will follow the existing global internet community multi-stakeholder model where every participant/stakeholder has a voice, and policy development is consensus-based.

The IBCA has always been sensitive to the uniquely significant role of technology and communications, and remains committed to creating protecting and advancing the interests of our members, the entire global industry, as well as society’s need to benefit from the positive and well articulated  contributions that our industry can make. The IBCA is also consciously aware of the potential risks of a misused industry policy and works to mitigate these.

Our Vision
Synergizing technology, Innovation and business for a digital Africa.

Our Mission
To promote a business environment integrated fully with the modern internet infrastructure that is attractive to companies located in Africa by representing their interests at local and international level, and by providing a forum through which ideas and information can be shared.

Our Impact
Our organization enables business people to secure their interests and to diversify by provision of an adequate platform. The IBCA will  continuously review its proprieties inline with the ever changing technology landscape and regularly consult and research in an inclusive manner to build a reliable and consistent workable framework that is relevant to the world.